This project is now dead. I am leaving the page here for historical reasons, but no future updates will be provided and no older releases will be available for download.


Utopia Seraphim is crossplatform application (running on windows and linux natively) for the web based game Utopia. It was build by the example of the all famous "Utopia Angel" with the thought to be used by linux users, since there was no good tool under linux. I didn't want to calculate my attacks with the help of a simple calculator anymore, so I thought I'll build a tool to help me in that. The technology I've started to build it with actually allowed me to make it crossplatform, so I decided to make it usable for both platforms. It is likely that this project will be ported for MacOS as well, however, I do not own any Apple computers, so I cannot support that yet. People can contact me via IRC at #seraphim on the utonet server, nickname Eus. Be sure to check out my online province and kingdom news formatter.


Right now the application has formatters for all the available intel in utopia, attack and building calculators, clipboard manager.


Version history has been removed.

Windows isntallation:

No longer available.

Linux installation:

No longer available.


Attack calculator on Windows

Attack calculator on Linux

Building calculator on Windows

Building calculator on Linux

Clipboard manager with formatted intel on Windows

Clipboard manager with formatted intel on Linux

Clipboard manager with formatted intel for IRC on Windows

Clipboard manager with formatted intel for IRC on Linux

Forum agent queue on Windows

Forum agent queue on Linux

Settings on Windows

Settings on Linux